E#8 Trevor Takasaki Interview + Anna Hendry Interview & Performance

November 01, 2021 Host: Christian Cowley, Guest Trevor Takasaki + Anna Hendry Episode 8
E#8 Trevor Takasaki Interview + Anna Hendry Interview & Performance
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Christian explains that the CEED Centre Neighbourhood House was once an English language kindergarten built by the Japanese Canadian community in Maple Ridge in the early part of the 20th Century. Then the WWII internment of Japanese Canadians changed everything. His first guest, Trevor Takasaki, returned to live and work in Maple Ridge where his father was born but never got a chance to stay because of the mounting racism before and after the war. Trevor is a teacher and president of the Maple Ridge Teachers Association.  He shares some profound insights on Canadian identity, systemic racism toward indigenous peoples and how cultural diversity is a critical factor in teaching kids to work harmoniously with others.
Music is the universal language of mankind. Christian's second guest is Maple Ridge singer-songwriter Anna Hendry, who records and performs as Anna Isobella <3. After a brief chat, Anna plays her original tune Or So I Thought as well as a cover of Fleetwood Mac's  Dreams. Her cover of Mac Demarco's catchy tune, Let My Baby Stay, takes us out.

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Songs performed by Anna Isobella <3: 
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Let My Baby Stay by Mac Demarco

Christian's Intro
Bio of Trevor Takasaki
Trevor Takasaki conversation
Christian's reflections
Anna Hendry conversaton
Or So I Thought by Anna Isobella <3
Fleetwood Mac cover: Dreams
Christian's outro
Mac Demarco cover: Let My Baby Stay